Navy Knowledge

Port Left
Starboard Right
Deck Ground or Deck of a ship
Bulkheads Walls
Oldest Commissioned ship in the Navy USS Constitution (1798)
Nickname of USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"
Depth of a fathom Six Feet
Who names ships today The Secretary of the Navy
Birthday of the Navy Oct 13th, 1775
Birthday of the Marine Corps Nov 10th, 1775
Navy Colors Blue & Gold
Current Navy Seal adopted in 1959
Father of the Navy John Paul Jones
Father of the Nuclear Navy Admiral Rickover
Meaning behind the Navy Colors
  1. Eagle-National Defense
  2. Anchor-Maritime Tradition
  3. Ship at Sea-US Naval Service
  4. Ship-USS Constitution

Leadership Traits

Justice Judgement Dependability Integrity Decisiveness
Tact Initiative Endurance Bearing Unselfishness
Courage Knowledge Loyalty Enthusiasm

United States National Ensign

National Colors (Ensign)
  • Red - Blood shed in defense of our Nation
  • White - Purity of our Nation
  • Blue - Pride in our Nation
13 Stripes 7 Red, 6 White to represent the original 13 States
50 Stars 5 Rows of 6 and 4 Rows of 5