Pine Forest High School

2500 Longleaf Drive


(850)-941-6150, Ext. 262



Dear Parent/Guardian,


Welcome to both new and returning cadets at Pine Forest High School.  The Instructors are looking forward to an outstanding year with you and your cadet.  Last year, Pine Forest NJROTC again established itself as one of the best in the nation with a “Distinguished Unit” award and we plan on maintaining the same level of achievement.  PLEASE CHECK THE WEB SITE FOR A PARENT MEETING WHICH WILL BE HELD IN THE NJROTC CLASSROOM. DATE AND TIME "TBA" (TO BE ANNOUNCED). 


            Cadets will be given the following forms:  Information Sheet, Cadet Data Sheet, Standard Release, Health Screening Questionnaire, Classroom Procedures, Training Time Out, Physical forms and Knowledge sheet.  These forms need to be signed by you and your cadet and returned to the unit.  It is extremely important that the medical information on the Standard Release form be accurate and up-to-date.  This is the first place we look if your cadet has a medical problem while with us.  Health related problems, required medication, and insurance information must be on the form.  On the Health Screening Questionnaire, the majority of the questions should be answered NO if your cadet is in good health.  Any question related to health (such as numbers 10, 11, 12, etc.) that is marked YES must be addressed by their doctor during their physical.  Cadets who desire to earn the Physical Fitness ribbon, participate on our drill teams and athletic teams, or attend Leadership Academy or Basic Leadership Training must have a physical.  We are required by the Navy to have a copy of the physical on file in NJROTC.  This physical is the same one required for students to compete on high school sports teams.  Some of the activities associated with NJROTC involve strenuous physical activity and I strongly recommend that your cadet get a physical examination.  This is one additional step in safeguarding the health and well-being of your cadet.


Cadets will be bringing their uniforms home soon.  Uniform day is normally Wednesday.  Cadets must wear their uniform to school and for the entire school day.  Failure to do so will result in a grade of Zero.  Cadets who remove their uniform or parts of their uniform during the school day will also receive a grade of Zero.  Uniform grades count 40% of a cadet’s overall grade.  Uniforms are issued free of charge; however, cadets are required to maintain them in the proper condition.  Items lost must be replaced at the cadet’s expense.  Uniform pants and shirts may be ironed; however, with the black pants and black shirt, please place a press cloth or other piece of material (a brown paper bag sprinkled with water will work) between the iron and the clothing.  A hot iron placed directly on these items will create shiny marks that cannot be removed.  We do our best to outfit your cadet in a uniform that looks good and fits properly.  If you are not satisfied, please let us know the exact problem and we will try to accommodate your wishes.  Pants will not be fitted to be worn on the hips.  They are to be worn around the waist.


I will try not to burden you financially (last year we spent over $22,000 on transportation, lodging and entry fee costs); however, like the other teams/clubs that travel and participate in outside school activities, it is necessary for us to raise money.  I plan on no more than two fundraisers for the year, but ask for your support when it occurs, probably the second or third week of school.  We will be collecting $20 at the beginning of the school year for insurance, nametag, uniform dry cleaning, P.T. Shorts and a NJROTC T-shirt.  Returning Cadets requiring a nametag may purchase one for $2.00.  The T- shirts are utilized in place of the uniform on certain uniform days.  Returning upperclassmen that already have a unit NJROTC T-shirt may deduct $8.00 from the above cost.  The insurance is required for our cadets to participate in drill/field meets sponsored by university ROTC units.  It also covers them on orientation trips.  It is a supplement to your normal insurance.


Our first event this year will be the “Gator Games” sponsored by Escambia High School on Saturday, September 16 2017. 


Drill teams practices will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:25 PM to 5:30 PM. 


We hope this will be a year of fun and learning for your cadet.  If Master Chief, Master Gunnery Sergeant or I can be of any assistance or answer any questions, please contact us at the above number.  Our e-mail addresses are smacmurray@escambia.k12.fl.us  swiggins@escambia.k12.fl.us or rbolling@escambia.k12.fl.us If you e-mail us, please put NJROTC in the subject line so we know to open it.


Parents of Juniors and Seniors:  Encourage your cadet to take the ACT and SAT.  Juniors can wait till second semester, seniors should have already taken these tests or should do so ASAP.  We have access to college NROTC programs that will grant scholarships based on these test scores and overall GPA, without the cadet having to go through the national application process.  Cadets have to meet the minimum requirement scores which are 22 on Verbal and 21 on Math for the ACT and 1030 Math and 1020 Verbal on the SAT.




This year our primary fundraiser will be the donation letter fundraiser.  Cadets will be asked to provide names and addresses of relatives, friends, etc. who might be willing to donate to our program.  These individuals will be sent a letter asking them to support our program with a donation.  Donors will receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes and a thank-you letter for supporting our program.  We will run the entire program.  This allows us to keep 100% of the donations minus postage and materials.  Depending on the results of the letter requests, we may have to do a secondary fundraiser in January.  


Last year we spent approximately $22,000 on cadet activities.  Over one half of that was on entry fees, meals and lodging, and transportation for our teams to compete at drill meets, orienteering competitions and academic meets. 


Please support this fundraiser and if you have any comments on the fundraiser, please let us know.



LCDR/Navy (Ret)